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Confidence for Professional Women

There’s a wealth of information that indicates that there tends to be a gap between the level of confidence between men and women. There’s no intention to overgeneralize about that all women lack confidence. Though men do experience self-doubt, it appears that women tend to experience self-doubt more often - even some of the most accomplished, successful, confident women you know. No shame there. It may take the form of hesitation to speak in a meeting, hesitation to apply for that promotion or to change careers completely. As a matter of fact, the confidence issue for women is more about doubt and “hesitation” than it is competence. But if confidence in an area is holding you back professionally, it could be time to understand why and how that can change so you can realize the full potential you imagine and take advantage of, or create, any opportunity that you desire.

Lisa will lead you through the journey of understanding what is blocking you from being your most confident self and acquiring the confidence you seek so you can:

  • Achieve your defined goals 

  • Experience a satisfying career

  • Enjoy a less inhibited, more fulfilling personal life

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