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From Corporate to Coach

After a marketing career of over 20 years in large enterprises,  I discovered a passion for coaching. Now I help professional women feeling stuck and dissatisfied in their careers see and make the changes needed to create the professional life they desire, and success as they define it. I do this through a process of creating awareness, identifying what needs to change, and supporting you in designing an action plan to move forward.


My desire to help develop others and lead them to a more fulfilling professional and personal life is also driven from my own career experiences. As a marketing professional I enjoyed the opportunity to create, collaborate and develop strategy. However, for years I secretly felt like a square peg in a round whole.  As an introvert and moreover, an INFP within the Myers Briggs personality type, it’s amazing I survived and blended in in a sea of extroverted A types. I noticed my perspectives were different from others and it became clear that I was more concerned about people than things. I instinctively knew that there was another way for me to add value with my natural strengths.


"I was finishing my Master’s degree, and getting ready to make changes in my career path.  I had grown weary of my current job and had been through several rough personal transitions. I realized that unless I made some internal changes, my life would stay the same, degree or no degree.

I reached out to Lisa for coaching and was immediately impressed by her calm and patient yet encouraging manner.  She guided me through several interesting and introspective exercises, and helped me get to the root of some of my issues that were no doubt holding me back. She even coached me through preparing for a job interview, encouraging me to express the passion I felt for the industry I work for. 


Working with Lisa was perfect timing for me.  I received my degree and a month later, received a job offer.  I feel a lot more confident about my future now, and grateful for the coaching Lisa provided.  I would recommend her to anyone seeking to get their life “un-stuck”.

S. Davis, Clinical Program Manager

Plano, TX

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