Corporate Total Work-Life Wellness

as an Employee Benefit


Today your employees are facing an increasing and overwhelming amount of stressors inside and outside of the workplace. Everyone is figuring out ways to give additional attention to the adjustments needed for work, financial matters, and family, including health concerns for themselves and their families. Employee disengagement can easily occur, affecting organizational performance.


Why provide employees coaching as a benefit? Coaching enables professionals to thrive, experience increased job satisfaction, and feel more empowered, so they can be more engaged and deliver enhanced performance in your organization.

Consider Total Work-Life Wellness coaching if your company:

  • Is serious about the professional development and total well-being of your most valuable resources, your employees.

  • Is seeking new ways to get employees more engaged.

  • Understands and appreciates the connection between total wellness and job performance and value investing in your employees' wellness.

  • Has a wellness policy and strategy or is planning to develop one.


Potential Coaching Focus Areas:

  • Career Development – Identifying career goals and designing a path to achieve those goals

  • Professional Confidence - Exploring the obstacles to confidence and creating a path for increased self and professional confidence.

  • Leadership: Defining leadership skills opportunities and an action plan for growth

  • Work-life integration: Overcoming the barriers to work-life challenges

  • Wellness: Creating a path for healthier living

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